Pendant luminaire
The pendant MODULISA model is used in environments which are highly demanding in terms of design and simplicity, where conventional acoustic ceilings are not desired and good light is required above the workstations. The pendant luminaire, featuring an anodised aluminium housing with a terraced design, enhances the MODULISA family as a design object. In terms of its optics, the large rectangular light source is clearly distinct from other commercially available pendant luminaires. In spite of its size, the luminaire does not seem overwhelming, due to its very restricted height of only 85 mm. The large-area luminaire is like a patch of sunshine floating between the ceiling and floor. In combination with other acoustic surfaces, the luminaire absorbs unwanted noise and unobtrusively helps to enhance the room acoustics.
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Standard formats: 950x950x85mm / 4x21W od. 4x39W 1550x950x85mm / 4x35W od. 4x58W Weight: 12.4kg