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Ceiling-mounted luminaire
In modern buildings with ceiling cooling systems or exposed interior concrete which prevents the installation of conventional acoustic ceilings, the ceiling-mounted MODULISA model offers a promising solution. In conjunction with acoustic cabinet panels or space dividers, the luminaire serves as a horizontal sound absorber to ensure optimum room acoustics. Companies are investing in furnishings and workspace fixtures rather than in structural sound insulation systems. In case of relocation, this means that the room acoustics, in the form of luminaires and furniture, need not be left behind. Like the closely related built-in model, the ceiling-mounted luminaire projects a fine glow of light onto the ceiling, producing a pleasant optical effect of airiness. In the standard version, the luminaire body is available in the colours RAL 9001 and RAL 9006.
Standard formats: 950x950x85mm / 4x21W od. 4x39W 1550x950x85mm / 4x35W od. 4x58W Weight: 8.4kg