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Built-in luminaire
The built-in MODULISA model was developed for applications demanding a minimal ceiling mounting depth. The mounting depth of only 30 mm makes this model ideal for installation in ceilings where limited space is available. The visible portion of the luminaire projects only 55 mm from the ceiling. In conjunction with the large surface area, this makes the luminaire appear very flat, similar to a skylight. . The diffuser, which functions simultaneously as a sound absorber, conceals the ceiling recess. The installation can be readily carried out in combination with acoustic ceilings, thus providing continuous acoustic insulation, even in the area of the luminaires. A fine glow of reflected light frames each luminaire, giving the impression that it is floating on the ceiling.
Standard formats: 950x950x85mm / 4x21W od. 4x39W 1550x950x85mm / 4x35W od. 4x58W Weight: 8.4kg